Pfeuffer Mediation-Arbitration

What is Mediation?
Mediation is the preferred form of “ADR”. “ADR” means “Alternative Dispute Resolution”.  Arbitration is another form of ADR and both are sanctioned by law.
Mediation and arbitration are the quick way to settle disputes and stop the bleeding.  Lawsuits mean bleeding money and lots of heartache and lost sleep.  New Braunfels resident, Judge Bob Pfeuffer, is a trained mediator and arbitrator.

He learned to mediate cases at the National Judicial College and brings his expertise to New Braunfels and Comal County.  Judge Pfeuffer is a retired Texas State District Judge, with 35 years experience in the courtroom.

Mediation and arbitration are cheaper and quicker
Hiring an expert to mediate or to arbitrate a case to reach a quick settlement saves lots of money and many sleepless nights.  The trained mediator will help parties arrive at a mutually satisfactory conclusion through negotiation.  To arbitrate, on the other hand, means the parties agree to submit the issues to the arbitrator and agree in advance to abide by his decision.  This is similar to a bench trial in court, but without the formalities of the rules of evidence and civil procedure which can drag out a case.

Why mediate in New Braunfels?
The District and County Courts at Law in New Braunfels, Comal County (and the surrounding counties of Bexar, Guadelupe, Hays, Travis, and Calwell), Texas are becoming overburdened with cases filed because of our rapidly expanding population.  Often the criminal docket is so jammed with work that it delays civil cases from being heard .  A trained mediator can help the parties reach a satisfactory conclusion and reach a win-win situation for all parties.